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2019 membership is not yet available. If you are interested in a new membership please contact the secretary and he will notify you when they are available, existing members will be notified by newsletter as normal.
Boat hire for permit holders - £25

Boat Hire for members FREE

Members will need there password and membership number which will have been sent out by the secretary any issues please contact secretary

Either pay and book online via button below or contact the Westford Inn -  01876 580653 (The Westford is closed during the day on Mondays and Tuesdays)

NUAC boats are generally blue, North Uist Estate boats are grey.  We have boats on the following lochs: Loch an Duin, Fada, Geireann Mill and Magarlan.
Oars, including spares and a bailing bucket are stored under the boat seats and should be replaced there after use.  The boats should be secured before leaving the loch and left in the condition you would wish to find them.  Any damage or problems with the boats should be immediately reported to the permit outlet or secretary.


The Club insists that all boat users should wear a flotation jacket. Outboards are permitted on both Newton and Balranald waters. We would advise caution however as there is potential for damage to the boats by hidden rocks, especially on Geireann Mill which has a number of sub surface skerries.  All anglers are encouraged to read the NUAC Health and Safety Policy Statement printed on the rear of the Declarations.

Any Queries please contact secretary
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Fishing permits can now be purchased online via website.

Boat bookings and availability is also now online.


Fishing permits can now be bought online via website.

Boat booking and availability is now also online.


boat booking boat booking